Friday, July 23, 2010

Exciting Music News #1

By Nick
Jack White, Singer and guitarist for the White Stripes and about fifty other bands, gave Ben's There And Nick Heard That new details into his newest side project, The Tenacious Stripes, a collaboration between him and actor/singer Jack Black.
“I thought it would be cool, because we have last names that have colored-themes, and also have a strange addiction to old watches and Ramen noodles.”
White and Black met at a Wolf Expo concert earlier this year somewhere in Indiana. The concert was attended by only three people, one of whom left because “The rest of their songs didn’t sound like the one on Eclipse.” This gave the two Jacks some valuable bonding time.
“We’ve learned a lot from each other.” said White, noting that Black gave him some weight-gaining tips and in return White told him the secret to never getting a tan.
The upcoming CD, Skinned Knees and Existentialism, is set to release at an undefined time. Meg White, also a member of the White Stripes, plays drums on the record using her most experimental kit yet, consisting of a crockpot, a toy piano, and a box of cheerios. Meg tells us that she’ll set up a copy of the healthcare bill for her kick pedal during live performances when Jack White is not looking. MewithoutYou vocalist Aaron Weiss will be not playing bass, and White has hinted that the late drummer of Avenged Sevenfold will be contacted via séance to play the accordion.
Musically, the album promises to go in a bold and fresh new direction. “We’re working on a raw, experimental sound for this record, without guitar solos, kick drums, or tunes.” says White, who also told us that it combines “[T]he energy of the Stripes, the energy of Tenacious D, and the energy of an ice chest full of Vaults. At one point Meg got so energized that she started hitting her drum kit with a sledgehammer. It was awesome.”
The guitars are more experimental on this record too, as White has gone beyond traditional amplifiers and hooked his guitar up to a Sony Walkman, a beehive, and a guy holding the other end of the cable making vaguely guitar-like sounds with his mouth. The album also showcases White “playing a tuba with a guitar pick. Jack [Black] swore it wasn’t’ possible, but anything is possible. I even trained a choir of Gila Monsters for one of the songs.”
Jack White is also involved with his other side projects, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and the Microwaves, and is also in the running for the Ugliest Man contest, competing with Steven Tyler, Allen Greenspan, and your mom.
“On this record, we’re going for the rawest, grittiest sound possible.” says White, who is set to appear on the television show Glee performing a disco version of “Seven Nation Army”. “We want to be a band that’s authentic and real, not one of those commercial sell-outs.” White’s compositions have appeared in insightful, artistic films such as Eclipse, Napoleon Dymamite, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.
“I’ve been privileged to work with some great artists on this record, like Jack Black, Bob Dylan, and the nice plumber who came by an unclogged the studio toilet. For a while I was jumping up and down on one leg, so to speak.” White also says there’s a possibility of another side project in the work, inspired by his work with Aaron Weiss. “I want to start a band with myself, Weiss, Till Lindemann of Rammstein, and Soulja Boy Tell’em, thus combining the four most unmusical people in the industry.”
On the possibility of adding new members to the Tenacious stripes, White is hesitant. “We’ve considered adding Judge Joe Brown, but the name White, Black and Brown just didn’t flow. He’s also not a musician, but that’s not much of a problem.”
On the whole, White is optimistic about his new band. “We’ve already gotten two pre-orders for the record, (Thanks, Mom!), and we’re planning on touring with Ray Price, Iggy Pop, and The Dancing Terror Pigeon Revolt to support this album. We’d like to thank our fan for his support.”

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