Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moody Men's Collegiate Choir

Last Thursday night, Nick and I attended a concert of the Moody Men's Collegiate Choir at Fellowship Bible Church here in Texarkana.  The choir sang a number of great hymns celebrating the power of God and the saving work of Christ.  There is something quite amazing about the blending of strong male voices.  Both the depths of the basses and the strength of the tenors give such choirs real punch.  The song selections were outstanding. In a day when Psalms are all too often neglected (or tied to painful tunes) and traditional hymns are forgotten, hearing this choir sing Psalms and hymns was encouraging.

They also had some popular music in their concert, and a couple of comedy skits.  The choir director, Dr. H. E. Singley, said that many of the singers had never heard the song "When I Fall in Love" until they learned it in their choir.  That song, made famous by the great Nat King Cole, is a good one for Christians to take and bring into our world, for it fits the Christian worldview quite well. 

This choir will be going to Egypt and Jordan in the late spring and early summer.  Our prayers go with them and our appreciation for their God-honoring music.

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