Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent iTunes purchases

By Nick
I recently had the joy of being given a gift card to iTunes. Downloading songs on the internet is more fun than I remember. I'm trying not to spend it all in one place. Here are the songs I've been buying with it.

"Your Cheatin' Heart" by Jon Foreman
Can't say I'm impressed with this one. I am a huge fan of both Jon Foreman (and Switchfoot) and Hank, but this version is slow, whispery and not at all country. Perhaps a few more listens will change my mind. I hope so.

"Amaranth" by Nightwish
I'm no metalhead, by any means, but Nightwish's combination of symphonic string arrangements, pop melodies, and metal riffs is music to my ears. The music and lyrics are a bit overdramamtic, but the piano intro and the choir in the song add depth and pathos.

"Brotherhood" by Flatfoot 56
Also in the category of blending older types of music with heavy guitars, Flatfoot 56 plays Christian Celtic Punk. You read that right. The song starts off with a bagpipe jig before the onslaught of guitars rolls out. John Knox would have loved it. OK, maybe not, but it's still pretty cool.

House of Heroes' stated goal is to perform so many Beatles songs that people eventually think that they are the Beatles. Don't judge the new versions by the originals-they're good songs in their own right, and House of Heroes manages to pull off "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" without a piano. It sounds much better live, though-especially if you're about three feet away from the lead singer.

And in a recent instance of Starbucks doing good to the universe, I was able to pick up a card there entitling me to a free download of the song "Modern Man" by the Watson Twins, a sort of indie act. The song is very minimalistic, featuring a hypnotic drumbeat. I look forward to listening to and discovering new artists thanks to Starbucks.

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